How it Works

It’s all about working smarter.


the process

simple steps

1. Book your call

Use this link to book your call. We will have brief chat, get acquainted and see where you are in your website journey. This call is free of cost.

2. Strategy Meeting

We really put our heads together here; take a deeper dive into your business and spec your site to match your business needs.

3. Set the Date

Together, we choose a practical build-day; we do this for two reasons;
1. it needs to suit both of our schedules and
2. we need time to our homework.

4. Do the homework

The reason the actual build will take a day is because we get a lot of other things out of the way first. Insert: logos, pictures, and copy writing here.

5. Do the build

It’s B-Day; keep your phone close(r).

You get the final say on how things look and feel. Nothing is finalised without your say-so and that’s why we schedule this day at least two weeks out; we both need to give your spanking site the attention it deserves.

All "getting-to-know-you" calls are free.

but there's more

Some of you are struggling with your website; it may now be weeks or even months.
I know your pain.
Here's what I can help you with.

a landing page

You're not ready to launch your site but want to state your intentions.

a fresh look

You're feeling a little website shame, and you need a new look or updated content.

you've been hacked

Your provider took their eye off the ball or just under sold you on a hosting package.

DIY isn't working out

You did the best you could, but just don't have the time and energy to do it all.

you want to do it yourself

You just need some one-on-one time with someone who can get you back on track.

you're moving your site

Your provider is not living up to your needs and expectations.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, I am here for free consultations, up to thirty minutes.