I think of myself as a bit of a computer geek with the disposition of an artist.

Most of my professional life has been spent as a hands-on IT professional. For a big chunk of that time, I worked at the island’s biggest newspaper where I managed the operations of its computer systems.

After 15 years, I left Nation Publishing to became a founding member of the island’s first and only online newspaper, Barbados TODAY. At BT, I was the architect of their ePaper model and actively expanded their delivery channels to include social media and a mobile app.

It was at Barbados TODAY that I developed an interest in the web and the science behind it. My work there allowed me to delve into the mechanics of web delivery and I eventually settled on two areas that were largely overlooked at that time; Search Engine Optimisation and content strategy.

I left Barbados TODAY and formed tedmtaylor, a web-development and online marketing company. I now develop websites on the WordPress platform and focus on helping businesses use the internet to win customers.

This has given me the opportunity to develop my inner artist as a writer, and I now also help my clients create engaging content. Together we take a data-driven approach to creating written and graphic vignettes that, first and foremost, demonstrate the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. And just as importantly, our goal is also for content that motivates the reader to share my client’s story with their family and friends.

Offline my wife Carol and I are students of parenthood to our two daughters Seraphine and Charissa. I spend the rest of my time doing as little hard work as possible.